YIDAN Formula TM

 Also Known as The Gallbladder Savior!


                                                       This dietary supplement is used in China to support dissolving of gallstones

                                                       It also supports cleansing damp-heat and toxic heat in the liver and gallbladder,

                                                       harmonizes the middle burner. Chinese herbalists developed this product

                                                       specifically to help support dissolving acute and chronic gall and kidney stones.


   Over 17 Million Americans are Afflicted with Gallstones


                                                       It is estimated that over 17 million Americans are afflicted with gallstones in a given year.

                                                       These stones are deposits of cholesterol or calcium combined with bile. Bile or gall is a

                                                       secretion produced by the liver to emulsify fats so that they can be digested.


                                                       One main cause of gallstones is the body's lack of ability to digest certain fatty or

                                                       processed foods. Sometimes these gallstones pass harmlessly into the intestine, but

                                                       they can also block up the ducts of the gallbladder. When this happens, the duct contracts

                                                       in an effort to dislodge the blockage and the result is excruciating pain, often called

                                                       as gall attack.


Doctors will Tell You Surgery,

We Say, Give YIDAN Formula a Chance to Help Your Gallbladder

Before Going Under the Knife.




YIDAN Formula TM


Formulated by Chinese Master Herbalists to Promote 

Dissolving Gallstones


                                                            This remarkable dietary supplement promotes cleansing of gallstones.

                                                            It also supports cleansing damp-heat and toxic heat in the liver and gallbladder,

                                                            Chinese herbalists formulated this herbal product specially to support cleansing

                                                            acute and chronic gallstone, assisting painful cases.


                                                            If you have tried other products and failed, do not give up, give a chance to

                                                            to the YIDAN Formula to save your gallbladder. Doctors may say you can do

                                                            without your gallbladder, however there is a good reason why it is there. Save it!


                                  The Ingredients: 

                                                            Glauber's Salt, White Vanadium,

                                                            Radix Curcumae (root), Radix Scrophulariae (root), 

                                                            Radix Glycyrrhizae (root), FLonicerae (flower).






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                                                            Functions and Indications:
                                                            It is used to as a dietary supplement to promote dissolving gallbladder,

                                                            urethra stones and to help diminish any pain that may be present.

Caution: Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Do not exceed dosage.

        Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 3 tablets 2 times a day.


                                                          Packing: 180 tablets per bottle. (One Month Supply)



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